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A creative collaboration

Translation Nation aims to inspire children and young people to begin or continue what we hope is a lifelong exploration of literature and culture from around the world, an enjoyment and appreciation of literary English, as well as pride in the many languages that have become part of our community and are spoken or taught in schools. The project is a partnership between Eastside Educational Trust and the Stephen Spender Trust. Translation Nation brings together the expertise of Eastside’s work in educational settings and the Stephen Spender Trust’s commitment to literature in translation.

Translation Nation was launched in 2010, and has now been developed for primary and secondary schools.

The Stephen Spender Trust aims to widen knowledge of 20th century English literature, with particular focus on Stephen Spender’s circle of writers, and promote literary translation. The Trust promotes the art of literary translation and hopes to encourage a new generation of literary translators.

Eastside Educational Trust aims to introduce children and young people to the arts, culture and heritage and to inspire them to reach their full potential. Eastside offers a range of creative and cultural experiences supporting the future generation to develop their artistic skills and cultural understanding, in addition to important life skills, such as leadership, responsibility, commitment and team work.

We are grateful to the musicians who have donated their music for free to support the resources on this site.
Music courtesy of Marseille-based group Barrio Chino, taken from the album Mediterra Nostra

Read more about the musicians, who promote music from the Mediterranean region (with North African, Caribbean and Latin American influences)


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