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Following the acclaimed success of Translation Nation in primary schools, a secondary school model was developed and piloted in 2012/13.

Over 850 students from six secondary schools in and around London experienced a Translation Nation workshop to ignite their interest in languages and feel renewed motivation to continue learning a modern foreign language (MFL) in school.

Workshops were offered to pupils studying either French or Spanish and gave them privileged access to a professional translator with experiences of working with languages in prisons, courts, theatres, classrooms, family environments and other contexts around the world.

The workshop structure is in two parts – an introductory interactive presentation to highlight the many social and professional contexts that languages and translation are important in; and a hands-on subtitling challenge for pupils to access foreign film clips, translate sections of dialogue using a transcript and glossary, and create their own subtitles which find creative solutions to the cultural references and informal language used by the teenage characters.

The secondary school workshops endorse a collaborative approach to language learning, with more able linguists assisting less able peers. Emphasis is placed on the power of communication and how we can best interpret a situation with words, tone, gestures and expression all playing their part. Participants who already have an appetite for MFL learning are stimulated by this new approach, and pupils who have found classes a struggle in the past are able to find their voice and contribute creatively. MFL teachers also feel supported in their quest to promote language learning and its importance within the school curriculum and are able to use the creative activities in language lessons in the future.

Click here to find out more about each secondary school’s Translation Nation experience.



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