edenham high school

Edenham High School in Croydon signed up to Translation Nation workshops in French and Spanish in summer 2014. Students in Years 8 & 9 looked at the different contexts in which translation and interpreting are used, and got a new perspective on the language they were studying by watching clips from films set in high schools in France or Spain. Most participants hadn’t ever thought about how slang exists in other languages as well as in English, and the students watching the clip from the Spanish film ‘Cobardes’, found it particularly interesting to translate the text messages that students were sending in the film. All the students tried their hand at subtitling, and were taken through the process of creating a rough translation using a glossary and then working up a creative version which flowed well and made sense to an English audience. Translator Sophia commented “I think the workshop is a great way to introduce translation to the students. They experience what it’s like to be a translator. It’s a step by step process and the lesson plan nicely guides them through it. By the end of the workshop they’ve produced their own authentic translation. I think some students even surprised themselves that they were able to do it with such ease.”