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translator: tristan cranfield

Tristan Cranfield, a translator of French and Arabic, joined the children of Years 5 and 6 at Goldstone Primary School in Hove in 2011 for their Translation Nation project.

On the first day, Tristan sparked everyone’s interest in translation with a storytelling session in Arabic accompanied by hand-drawn illustrations. With the help of the pictures, the children found that they could enjoy and understand the story, even though it was written in another language.

Goldstone welcomed several parents to the group on the following day and heard a wonderful array of stories told in six languages, including Arabic, Telegu and Cantonese. One child’s mother and grandmother attended to share a story in their home language of Urdu. Another parent even brought in props to tell her story, giving a wonderful insight into her cultural background.

The group split into Translation Nation hub teams to develop and translate three of these stories into English. The students produced a very high standard of written work aided by their English speaking classmates. The hub groups couldn’t wait to perform their completed translations to children in Years 3 and 4 and The Tiger, an Urdu version of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, was chosen as the winning story.

Goldstone Primary School is very proud of its community languages and Translation Nation coincided with a week of activities at the school designed to celebrate and explore languages from around the world. All the students enjoyed the unique opportunity to put their languages at the heart of their lessons, and to learn a few phrases in a new language too.