ilford county high school

At the end of the summer term in 2014 boys at Ilford County High took part in a Translation Nation workshop to explore a different side of language learning through a focus on subtitling. Through a series of exercises, the boys began to realise that subtitling is a very detailed and creative job which involves imagination as much as it involves a grasp of the original language the film is in. In the workshops the students used a glossary to decode the transcript and put together a rough translation. Then the hard work really began as they discussed the important moments of the scene together and considered how they could alter their subtitles to give equal weight to those sections in English. It was difficult to translate certain French expressions, and puns involving French names was another challenge to contend with. The students absorbed the ideas of the workshop well, and one participant commented “It is about creativity. I am not great at French but have a great creative mind. Therefore I found this workshop really easy.”