lammas school and sports college

Translation Nation arrived at Lammas School in Waltham Forest in summer 2014. Translator Emily chatted with students about the differences of being a translator or an interpreter and how languages have been important in her career. The main focus of the workshop was an introduction to subtitling, and the students watched a film clip of Wallace and Gromit with French subtitles to notice how the translations weren’t word for word and how some expressions are tricky to translate between languages. Using the French film ‘Entre Les Murs’ the students had a go at translating a transcript excerpt using a glossary and worked together to find English possibilities for the slang and cultural references in the text. Finally the students role-played their English subtitles to see how authentic they sounded. The workshop left a strong impression, with students commenting on the new vocabulary they’d learnt in French, translation tips they’d learnt from Emily, and the possibilities of a career using languages.