langdon park school

Langdon Park School in Tower Hamlets involved its Year 8 and Year 9 pupils in Translation Nation to enable them to experience a fresh perspective on language lessons before deciding whether they should take a language for GCSE. The workshop highlighted how languages are useful in social and professional contexts, and students were interested to hear how many celebrities speak more than one language and use these skills in films and interviews around the world. They worked in groups on a subtitling task using a film clip for the film ‘Entre Les Murs’ and began to realise that there’s more to subtitling that one might think. Students commented “They were talking in slang in the film and you have to translate that in a weird way for it to make sense”, “You can’t translate exactly word for word, as it doesn’t always make sense in the language you’re translating in”. The students did well in tackling this new kind of language challenge for the first time, and many of them were left motivated to continue with languages in the future. One participant remarked “This workshop has got me thinking about future careers. I want to improve my languages and get hired to be an interpreter to earn extra money”.