st catherine’s school

Interpreter Sophia brought Translation Nation workshops to St Catherine’s School in Bexley in summer 2014. The school was keen for students to see the practical applications of the languages that they learn and Sophia began by explaining her role as an interpreter in prisons and in court and gave the students an overview of the many other jobs that are available to linguists. Participants were then able to experience some of the elements of a subtitler’s job as they were introduced to some Spanish film clips and saw how the subtitles needed to work alongside the narrative and also capture the tone of the film. The Spanish film ‘Cobardes’ is set in a secondary school in Spain and the teenage characters speak and send text messages to each other using Spanish slang. Sophia explained that the task for students was to use a glossary to translate a small section of the film transcript, and then to have fun with language to find English equivalents for the casual Spanish used. The participants did a great job and really impressed Sophia with their energy and focus. Their teacher was equally pleased with how the project had run and said “If there were the opportunity to offer this project again to our students, we would be delighted! I’d also add that I think this would be equally useful for students in Year 10.”