st clement danes ce primary school

In June 2014 St Clement Danes Primary School took on the Translation Nation challenge led by Spanish translator Josh with support from Russian translator Maria and children’s writer Melissa. Many of the children spoke another language, but to begin with they were a little nervous to speak out in front of their peers. However, Josh quickly discovered that this class loves to sing and are huge fans of the Disney film ‘Frozen’. Using a rendition of the ‘Let it Go’ song with each line translated into a different language the children began to realise just how much fun languages and translation can be! They loved learning and singing this new version and then moved onto sharing stories in different languages with a number of parents coming into school to tell traditional tales in languages including Lithuanian, Spanish and Albanian. The class worked in groups to write their own translated versions in English and made props and costumes to accompany their performances at the end of the final day. They did a fantastic job, and their teacher commented that the project would stay in their memories long into the future.