stimpston avenue primary school

In summer 2014 Stimpson Avenue Primary became the first school in Northampton to take part in Translation Nation. Making the very most of the opportunity, the whole school listened to the opening story told in Spanish by facilitator Rosanna and throughout the project there were lots of special visitors, including the former Chair of Governors who came in to tell the children an Anansi story in patois which her Grandmother had told her in Jamaica. The Year 5 group were extremely focused in writing imaginative English versions of the stories they heard, and then learnt to become performers as they turned their scripts into plays. The children had done very little drama in school before so this was a unique opportunity for them to explore the possibilities of props, costumes and stage presence! They did an outstanding job, and had lots of fun along the way. Comments from the children included “it was SHAMAZING and funny” and “I loved every bit of it!”.