westwood girls college for languages & art

westwood girls

translator: grace hetherington

Westwood Girls College embraced the Translation Nation experience with workshops for both their French and Spanish classes in summer 2013. The school was keen to introduce their motivated pupils to different approaches to languages and to present them with ideas regarding future career opportunities.

Working with Translators Grace Hetherington and Sarah Griffin-Mason the girls proved excellent participants who were extremely receptive to the initial interactive presentation showing the many contexts that languages and translation can be used in, and then tackling the main subtitling activity with imagination and great teamwork skills. Only about a third to half of students had watched a film in a foreign language with subtitles previously, and the workshop encouraged them to do this more in the future. One student said “For example I now want to see the movie we were shown clips from.” Both the French film ‘Entre Les Murs’ and the Spanish film ‘Cobardes’ that the classes watched clips from told the story of students in a school setting and gave participants juicy dialogues from which to develop their translation skills. They learnt that subtitles need to be clear and appropriate for the characters speaking and the audiences watching. The girls finished their workshops having fun with role-plays to test their translations.

The school was delighted with the project. They felt that “the facilitators were outstanding as well as their resources” and that they could explore using some of the activities in the workshops with other language students going forward.